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Simplify address entry
Help users quickly enter the right address when searching, signing up, or checking out.
An overhead view of a residential neighborhood
Products built for quick address entry
Embed simple map images on your website with minimal code.
Static Maps
Embed simple map images on your website with minimal code.
Google Maps search bar with autocomplete suggestions for "bagel"
Help users quickly find the exact place they’re looking for by automatically suggesting businesses and points of interest as they type.
Business information for Takashi Ramen on a map
Place Details
Add rich details for millions of places to your website or app.
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A character holding a laptop
Create a faster, more seamless checkout
Before, our customer support center used to receive many calls from customers asking where their orders were. Since starting to use Places API, we have reduced our missed deliveries by 30%, and our customer satisfaction has grown by 30%.
Clay cityscape
Clay cityscape
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