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Map Tiles

Create immersive experiences with Map Tiles

Easily build and customize immersive maps at scale with 2D, 3D, and Street View Tiles.

High-quality map tiles

Access Google’s high-quality 2D, 3D and Street View Tiles.

Expansive coverage

Access photorealistic 3D Tiles in over 49 countries, and 2D Tiles in 250+ countries and territories.

Flexible development

Build immersive experiences at scale, for virtually any type of application stack.

Create 3D visualization experiences

Access a 3D mesh model of the real world, textured with our high-res RGB optical imagery, with the same 3D map source as Google Earth.

Provide imagery with unmatched realism in your maps

Help your users more easily explore, navigate, and evaluate an area with 3D imagery of buildings, landmarks, terrain, and natural surroundings.

Design 3D experiences the easier way

Utilize one of the world’s most comprehensive 3D geo datasets; use the renderer of your choice and overlay your own data.

How you can use Photorealistic 3D Tiles
Showcase and contextualize a location
Help your users experience a real place remotely through photorealistic imagery. Or, show how a future project could look like in the real world.
Illustration of a plane flying over mountains
Help users navigate with more realism
Help users orient, find and navigate to a specific location, using 3D buildings, landmarks and natural surroundings for more geographic context.
Create compelling narratives about physical assets
Communicate spatial patterns with more intuitive map views for land development, asset management and environmental policy development.
Screenshot of AR experience software
Plan and imagine future possibilities
Create real-world AR experiences or collaborate on urban planning projects. Build a themed or branded visual experience over real-world imagery.

Use Google’s Map Tiles for virtually any type of application

Map Tiles enable use cases for all applications, including platforms that are incompatible with JavaScript API and Android and iOS SDKs.

Create highly customized visualizations

Map Tiles give you the flexibility to design unique interfaces and interactions. You can also overlay custom data and graphics.

Build immersive Street View experiences

Create powerful, immersive experiences by leveraging images taken from the street level using Street View images and tile metadata.

Start building with Photorealistic 3D Tiles
Start building with 2D Map Tiles
Need pre-rendered 3D videos?
Try Aerial View. With a simple API call, it provides access to pre-rendered cinematic videos without needing to build infrastructure or worry about scale.
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Clay cityscape
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