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By industry
By use case
By industry
By use case
Use cases
Offer efficient routes
Quickly and efficiently route people or goods from A to B.
Woman accepting a package from a delivery driver
Helpful features
Eco-friendlier routing
Provide routes optimized for fuel efficiency based on engine type and real-time traffic.
Map showing two different routes
2-wheel vehicle routing
Access 2-wheel routes for motorized vehicle rides and delivery routing.
Directions for two-wheeled vehicles
Tolls data
Get more accurate route pricing based on toll costs by pass or vehicle type, such as EV or hybrid.
Routes showing tolls amounts
Products built for optimized route planning
Custom map of Manhattan with a variety of locations
Dynamic Maps
Customize and style interactive maps using Cloud-based maps styling for real time updates across all devices and platforms.
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A photo of a location shown using Dynamic Street View
Dynamic Street View
Embed real-world imagery with 360° panoramas.
Street View image of city street
Static Street View
Embed a static (non-interactive) Street View panorama or thumbnail into your web page, without the use of JavaScript.
Driving route mapped out with distance and gas costs
Compute Routes
Provide directions with real-time traffic for transit, biking, driving, 2-wheel motorized vehicles, or walking between multiple locations.
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Map with a variety of routes with multiple destination points
Compute Routes Matrix
Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations for up to 625 route elements.
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Map with a route from one location to another
Provide directions for transit, biking, driving, or walking between multiple locations.
A person using Distance Matrix on a mobile phone
Distance Matrix
Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations.
Truck route on a map
Determine the route a vehicle travels.
Map of three different delivery routes
Route Optimization
Optimize multi-stop routes for one or more vehicles flexibly and intelligently.
A side-by-side comparison of a corrected address
Address Validation
Validate an address and its components, standardize the address for mailing, and determine the best known geocode for it.
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Map with an autocomplete dropdown
Help users quickly find the exact place they’re looking for by automatically suggesting businesses and points of interest as they type.
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A character holding binoculuars
See how Route4Me plans and optimizes routes with Google Maps Platform
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We needed the best mapping partner for our global expansion, and that meant Google Maps Platform. There's simply no better choice. We needed easy integration of quality maps, accurate route calculation, journey time estimates, assistance with addresses, everything. Nothing compares to Google Maps Platform.
Clay cityscape
Clay cityscape
Get going with Google Maps Platform