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Dynamic Maps

Next-level map customization

Welcome to a whole new level of map customization, interaction, and visualization.


Save time and resources

Quickly create, test, and deploy custom maps.

Over 250 customizations

Create custom detailed maps that truly fit your business.

More engaging experiences

Find new ways to set your brand apart.

Discover cloud-based maps styling

Advanced customization capabilities

Fine-tune your maps to fit your specific business and user needs, with hundreds more customization types than in Google’s client-styled maps.

Next generation map visualization

Create immersive 3D mapping experiences with features like WebGL Overlay View and Tilt & Rotation.

Update everywhere, without writing code

Create a consistent user experience by simultaneously deploying updates across all platforms, without writing a line of code.

Included with Maps Javascript API and available for Android SDK and iOS SDK.
Map of the US with location markers
Easily create custom interactive markers

Make markers your own

Change the color, background, icon, and outline of the Google Maps red pin, and create custom markers with SVGs, PNGs or HTML elements. Do it all directly in your code, with no image needed.

Improved marker performance

Advanced markers can load up to 66% faster than our traditional markers, and provide faster panning and zooming,1 while supporting fast load times for a larger amount of markers.

Marker collision management

Choose which markers are displayed at each zoom level, and control how your markers interact with each other.

A variety of customized maps
A variety of customized maps
A variety of customized maps

Style your data with data-driven styling

Save developer resources

Store and manage your geospatial data via the Google Cloud console, and let Google curate, update and manage boundary data for you.

Enhance your data with polygons

Display and style Google’s polygons for administrative boundaries, with or without your own data.

Style your geospatial data

Visualize and style your geospatial data as points, lines and polygons on your maps.

Design with boundaries
Learn about styling Google’s boundaries to convey key information.
Visualize datasets
Now you can style your geospatial data as points, lines, and polygons.
Advanced customization
Business POI filtering
Decide which types of business to show on your map, based on relevance to your customers.
POI density control
Tailor the number of points of interest on your map, to provide more information or make the map cleaner.
Commercial corridor styling
Change the color of commercial corridors to add more visual context to your maps.
Detailed street maps
Make maps more detailed with sidewalks, crosswalks, traffic lights, and more.
Landmark icons
Help users quickly find important landmarks in 100 cities around the world, to highlight and promote prominent tourist attractions.
Enhanced natural features
Apply styles to previously unstylable map elements, such as forests and deserts, to create a richer experience for your users.
Industry-optimized map styles
Customize pre-configured, optimized maps for the travel, real estate, retail and logistics industries.
Advanced markers
Easily create highly customized, faster performance markers that provide a richer user experience and showcase your brand.
Data-driven styling
Display and style customized maps based on your tabular datasets, Google’s administrative boundary data, or your own business data.
Powerful map visualizations
WebGL overlay view for Javascript
Render 2D and 3D objects with perspective directly on the basemap.
Vector maps
Get faster map loads, smoother zooming and panning, and efficient caching. Also enables marker collision management.
Tilt & rotation
Help users explore and navigate maps at multiple angles.
Other Dynamic Maps features
Map types
Choose between road, satellite, hybrid, terrain, and custom maps.
Draw a variety of shapes on the map with built-in functions, including polylines and polygons.
Display the default Google Maps marker, or add your own custom-styled markers.
How you can use it
A map showing a walking route to an ATM
Help people find your locations
Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar shop, ATM, food truck, or just a parking space, Cloud-based maps styling can make it easier for your customers to find what you’re pointing them to.
A mobile phone with a map showing car charging stations
Highlight what’s near your business
Help customers see what there is to do in the area around your business – like pharmacies, car charging stations, or coffee shops.
A map showing different features and a restaurant around a marker
Show off a neighborhood
Cloud-based maps styling makes it easy for customers to understand what the neighborhood is like around a house, apartment, or hotel, through customized points of interest and 3D visualizations.
Create custom map-based experiences for a promotion or event that match the look and feel of your brand.
Create engaging branded experiences
Create custom map-based experiences for a promotion or event that match the look and feel of your brand.
Dark image of a map
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