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Address Validation

Improve checkout and delivery with reliable addresses

Address Validation lets you validate and correct address inputs with Places data powered by Google Maps Platform.


Verify address existence

Help ensure address components are more accurate.

Flag incomplete inputs

Help enrich addresses with more useful information.

for delivery

Help mail reach the proper delivery destination.

Discover Address Validation

Give users peace of mind

Improve delivery success by helping users create deliverable addresses at checkout or account creation.

Reduce costly errors

Minimize delayed deliveries, lost sales, and chargebacks by catching and correcting addresses early in the process.

Get Google expertise

Get more than just postal service data. Benefit from accessing points of interest in Google Maps Platform’s Places data for enhanced accuracy and global coverage.

How it works



It identifies the various components of unstructured addresses.



It helps fix errors, like misspelled street names, and helps infer missing data.



It can help understand what was entered is an existing address.



It includes additional data, such as geocode and, in the US, postal service data.

Ways to use it
Hand holding a mobile phone showing corrected address
Reduce checkout friction
Make the checkout process easier on customers by offering address corrections and suggestions that will help ensure their deliveries arrive on time and to the correct location.
Delivery person carrying a package
Improve delivery success
Improve your delivery success rate with better awareness of address validity and location.
Warehouse working holding tablet and picking boxes
Reduce costly errors
Help eliminate expensive complications due to incorrect address inputs, such as failed deliveries, canceled orders, and chargebacks. All of which help increase customer retention and customer lifetime value.
Address Validation helps identify whether the address exists at account sign-up, and also helps verify addresses for risk assessment.
Validate addresses for financial services
Address Validation helps identify whether the address exists at account sign-up, and also helps verify addresses for risk assessment.
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Address Validation helps us identify and resolve problematic components of the bad addresses, which in turn improves business efficiency. We have more granular information on the errors.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Address Validation differ from other Google Maps Platform APIs (e.g. Autocomplete or Geocoding)?

Address Validation provides information to determine whether a given address exists and can be used for account sign-up, checkout, or delivery. By comparison, Autocomplete is a type ahead solution that helps with speeding up address entry, but in prioritizing the user’s entry experience doesn’t guarantee validity of the addresses. Address Validation can be used afterwards to catch incorrect or missing components, like subpremises (e.g. apt #), to improve the delivery experience.

While Geocoding converts addresses to geographic coordinates or the reverse, Address Validation provides confirmation level per component, allowing you to provide feedback to your users on how to correct an invalid address.

Geocoding API focuses on identifying a real-world location based on a given input, but in doing so may identify a location that is different than the input address or omit certain parts of the input address. Address Validation focuses on the input address and providing feedback on all parts of it, including confirmation level per component.

What regions are supported?

Visit the documentation page to see region coverage. Coverage will be expanded on a regular basis.

How much does Address Validation cost?

For the latest pricing, view the pricing page.

What is USPS® CASS Certified™?

The United States Postal Service® maintains the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS™) to support and certify address validation providers. The Address Validation API has been CASS certified.

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