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Map Demo Gallery

See examples of how you can make our next-generation maps your own.

Moving traffic being visualized on a map
3D data visualization
Visualize and analyze massive datasets.

Explore a 3D heatmap of water availability in the Nile Delta region using data in Google Cloud BigQuery, exported from Google Earth Engine.

Explore a 3D heatmap of water availability in the Nile Delta region
Key products
Bring your data to the real world with is an open-source data visualization framework for the web that makes it easy to create 2D and 3D visualizations of large geospatial datasets. It allows you to composite multiple layers to analyze complex data in its real-world context and gain valuable insights.

Circles and lines representing geospatial data on a map
Travel app demo
Travel the world in this interactive WebGL-powered demo.

Explore a new generation of mapping experiences with WebGL-powered Maps, and see how different the world can be when you control and render on the map in three dimensions.

An airplane following a path on a map
Maps customization
Take our new cloud-based maps customization for a test drive.

You can now create custom map styles right on the web. Our new cloud-based map styling makes it easy to tailor experiences for specific industries or customer needs. Try it out, and see how quickly you can create custom maps that publish simultaneous updates across all devices and platforms.

A green and black map that is heavily stylized
Key products
WebGL-powered features
See the updates to WebGL-powered Maps and the Dynamic Maps API.

New features include:

  • Tilt & Rotation: You can now control the map in three dimensions. Objects can be resized, and occluded behind other objects.
  • Integrated Camera Control: Instantly update all parameters at once, and implement your own camera animations.
  • WebGL Overlay View: This allows you to render 2D and 3D objects directly on the basemap.
A 3D map tilted to show the location of a church
Key products
Delivery Tycoon
Try to beat Google Maps Platform in the Delivery Tycoon game.

In this fun game, you plot your own delivery route to see if you can beat Google Maps Platform’s optimized routes.

Two delivery trucks with ice cream cones facing off against each other
Mix Maps and AR with Floom, the fun augmented reality app that lets you explore the other side of the globe.

Floom uses your location, and creates a tunnel to the other side of the globe - right in your browser. It was built by Google Creative Lab using the WebXR API and Dynamic Maps API.

Note: Floom is currently only available using Chrome on Android devices.

A portal-like tunnel in the floor, revealing a beach on the other side
Key products
Join over 4 million people sharing their observations about the natural world.

iNaturalist, a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society, allows you to track encounters with organisms around the world. With over 75,000,000 recorded observations so far, the crowdsourced data lives in the cloud and helps scientists understand when and where organisms are found.

Hundreds of red, green, and blue pins covering a map
Smart Cities
See how digital twins can be implemented using Google Maps API WebGL with 3D features.

Ubilabs created a demo, “Moving Hamburg,” to show how digital twins can be used to perform digital analyses and scenarios before being put to the test in the real world.

Map of travel routes in Hamburg, Germany
Key products
3D Driving Simulator
Drive anywhere on Google Maps in 3D.

Race through the streets of Paris, take a Sunday drive around the neighborhood, or rally in the desert – all in three dimensions on Google Maps. You can use your computer, tablet, or phone to drive anywhere in the world.

Image from 3D driving simulator game
Key products
Explore a sample data visualization story that showcases the possibilities of custom maps.

Google Maps Platform and CARTO have collaborated to bring rich data visualization to web maps. This example uses multiple methods of visualization to tell the story of the potential electrification of truck fleets.

A spinning view of Texas, with different parts of the state highlighted in bright magenta
Data-driven styling
Style boundaries with or without your business data.

Check out a variety of use cases enabled by data-driven styling. It allows you to easily display, and style Google’s polygons for administrative boundaries, or add your business data to create choropleth maps.

A choropleth map in shades of red
Key products
Interactive city tour
Explore two unique cities and learn how to build your own custom maps.

Take a grand tour through Barcelona and retro Tokyo to explore historical landmarks and unearth hidden mementos. See how Google Maps Platform products can help you build unique, interactive geospatial experiences.

Split images of game intro screens
Advanced Markers
Easily create custom interactive markers.

In this demo see how you can customize the Google Maps red pin and create custom markers with SVGs, PNGs or HTML elements—all directly in your code.

Map of the US with location markers
Stay informed of environmental incidents.

When an environmental pollution incident occurs, SkyTruth uses a variety of maps to track and display the event and share the information with the public. Anyone interested can sign up for incident alerts for areas of interest with real-time map information.

A map of environmental incidents
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Clay cityscape
Clay cityscape
Google Maps Platform
Get going with Google Maps Platform