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Use cases
Enable asset tracking
Dynamically track and visualize moving assets. If you manage a large fleet, contact sales
Ship carrying shipping containers
Products built for asset tracking
Person getting directions on a phone
Distance Matrix
Calculate travel times and distances for multiple destinations.
Map with custom styling applied
Dynamic Maps
Customize and style interactive maps using Cloud-based maps styling for real time updates across all devices and platforms.
Topographic map of hills with streets
Provide a simple interface to query locations on the earth for elevation data.
A map with coordinates for Plaza Mayor
Convert addresses to geographic coordinates or the reverse.
Cell towers on a hill
Return the location of a device without relying on GPS, using geospatial data from cell towers and WiFi nodes.
Truck route on a map
Determine the route a vehicle travels.
Map of city street
Static Maps
Embed simple map images on your website with minimal code.
Street View image of city corner
Dynamic Street View
Embed real-world imagery with 360° panoramas.
Street View image of city street
Static Street View
Embed a static (non-interactive) Street View panorama or thumbnail into your web page, without the use of JavaScript.
Current time for Rio de Jeneiro on a map
Time Zone
Get the time zone for a specific latitude and longitude coordinate.
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A character holding binoculars
If you manage a large fleet, ask a sales representative about how Google Maps Platform can help.
Fleetminder company logo
Google Maps Platform helped Fleetminder create a unique web-based dashboard and system that keeps the company on the cutting edge of its industry and makes it stand out in the highly competitive asset-tracking, fleet management market.
Clay cityscape
Clay cityscape
Get going with Google Maps Platform