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Google Maps Platform for India
Build with the maps that people know and love to address the unique needs of your customers in India.
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Up to 40% off only in India
New customers in India can get up to 40% off Google Maps Platform. For a growing startup or business, that could equate up to $20,000 (INR 16 lakhs) a year in savings.1
Popular products Месячная плата
$5 CPM now $3 CPM
$5 CPM now $3 CPM
Dynamic Maps
$7 CPM now $4.20 CPM
$10 CPM now $6 CPM
Place Details
$17 CPM now $10.20 CPM
See all pricing and terms
Designed for India
Street View of motorbikes on a roundabout in India
Count on rich data, coverage, and reliability
Build with confidence, knowing we’re always investing in the coverage and accuracy of Maps data in India, with over 30M businesses and places available today. This data is continually updated and made available in multiple languages.
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Start up and scale quickly
Elevate your business with an an easy-to-use global platform, at a price that helps you focus on your business and worry less about costs. Join thousands of startups building and growing their businesses on Google Maps Platform.
Get an additional $600/month in credits
Focus on building your business and worry even less about costs. Your qualifying startup can get an extra $600/month in credits for 12 months, on top of the $200/month already provided.
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Расскажите нам о своих целях, и мы поможем вам их достичь с помощью корпоративных решений на основе карт и геолокации.

Я хочу 
  • показывать идеальное местоположение
 Отрасль, в которой я работаю: 
  • розничная торговля
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Часто задаваемые вопросы
Which APIs does the price discount work for?

The discount applies to select Google Maps Platform APIs and SDKs. You can find a detailed list of the price for each API and SDK in the pricing sheet.

Any versions, features, or functionality of the Services labeled “Early Access”, “Alpha”, “Beta”, "Experimental", or "Preview" are Pre-General Availability offerings described in the Maps Service Specific Terms and are excluded from promotion; these are typically not priced and you can use any unrestricted API in your prototype.

How does the pricing promotion work?

Eligible new customers currently have until July 17, 2024 to receive the offer. Customers who opt into the program will have up to 40% off the select API and SDK calls applied for 12 months from the date of sign-up.

At the end of the 12 months, your pricing will automatically revert back to our list price as published on the Google Maps Platform website.

The full terms and conditions of the pricing promotion including eligibility are available here.

Why is the promotion only for 12 months?

Google Maps Platform is committed to fostering the developer ecosystem, including startups. We have heard from developers like you that although they would like to test our platform, explore our APIs and SDKs, and take advantage of the data that powers our products, pricing is prohibitive. This promotion is a way for startups and new developers to get started, and see if our products work for them.

After 12 months, you may be eligible for volume discounts as well. Contact sales to get more details.

I was a customer a long time ago and am no longer using your APIs. Do I qualify?

If it has been more than 180 days since you last used Google Maps Platform APIs, you may be eligible for this promotion. If you have trouble signing up, please contact Support.

Can I combine this promotion with other credits or offers?

The promotion can be used along with $200 monthly Google Maps Platform Free Tier and with the $600/month Maps startup credits for eligible participants in the Google Cloud for Startups Program. The discounted price will be applied after you start incurring charges, which will be after you exhaust your monthly Google Maps Platform Free Tier credits. If you qualify for Google for Startups Cloud Program credits, your $600/month credits will be utilized against the discounted price.

How do I sign-up for this program?

Eligible new customers will automatically receive promotion sign up details inside the Maps Console. You can find more details about the program here. If you have more questions about how to get onboarded, please reach out to our Support team.

How do I access more support to get started?

You can choose from our trusted partners to help you build with our APIs and SDKs. Our partners have a high level of expertise and can help you get started and scale quickly.

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